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Thai Alangkarn Shows in Pattaya

Thai Alangkarn Shows in Pattaya

Location : Sukhumvit Road K.M. 155, Jomtien

Thai Alangkarn Theatre is The Thai Extravaganza Show and offers Thai traditional and cultural shows in panoramic concept, coverd on the area of 32 acres, the entire project includes hexa stage theatre, cultural rostrum and a restaurant of 1,000 seats. There are performances of Thai culture to tourists from all walks of life. It features state-of-art sound system, pyrotechnic, multi-dimentional coloured laser system and decorated in lavish traditional Thai style. The performances include 9 sets of imaginarily historical performances in different periods such as the origin of the world, the stone age, the Sukhothai period, the Ayutthaya period, the Rattanakosin period. Thai games, Thai martial arts and combat skills such as Thai boxing, sword fighting are also presented. The performances are presented with the state-of-art techniquue instead of the traditional style which makes this theatre different from others. The theatre can cater up to 2,000 guests.

How to get there :

To go to the Alangkarn theater, visitors have to drive on Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya City to the way to go to sattahip. Go strength on for about 20 kilometers, the Alangkarn will be on the left hand side. Those who do not have a private car can hire a taxi or song thaew to be there.